3 Reasons You're Afraid To Hire A Personal Trainer

3 Reasons You're Afraid To Hire A Personal Trainer

As summer began to approach you set-up a fitness goal, bought new running shoes, and even got yourself a gym membership. You were ready to get that summer body you’ve always wanted. As bathing suit season approached maybe you started off strong but found yourself too weak to even workout. You slowly stopped trying to eat healthy foods, and just accepted you wouldn’t reach your goal this summer.

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your goals should end. Maybe you didn’t even realize you gave up on the goal. Help from a personal trainer could help you stay on track, and keep you motivated. However, many people create excuses to not hire a personal trainer and continue to spiral. Learn more about the common fears many Fremont, Ca residents have, and how you can overcome them.


Personal Trainers Cost Too Much

Personal trainers do charge for their sessions. They, like you, need to feed their family’s also. However, you’re not just getting a health nut (though many still are). You’re gaining a certified trainer, who has the skills and knowledge to help you reach your goals. A personal trainer will cost you money, but you should think of it as an investment not a “waste” of money.

Prices vary based on type of session:

• Private Training

• Group Training

• Semi-Private Training

• Family Training

• Home Visit

• Outdoor

• Studio Based

• Gym Based


I’m Too Overweight For A Personal Trainer

Many bigger women and men feel intimidated in larger workout areas such as public gyms and outdoor areas. It’s understandable to want to workout on your own terms, but that should not mean you rule out a personal trainer. You’re never too big for help. A personal trainer will create a workout routine and a meal plan that works for your body.

Frequent questions include:

• What if I can’t do the exercises?

• What if I can’t keep up?

• What if my trainer judges me?

• What if I disappoint my trainer?

The answer to these common questions is, what if you just try. There are too many “what if’s” in life, and it’s time you just go for it. You’re stronger than you think, and with the help of a personal trainer, they’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable with your workout and surrounding. You’ll also be dripping in sweat, but that’s a good thing.


I’m Afraid To Fail

Failing is just an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and succeed. You’ve already tried fad diets, numerous workout programs, and you’ve had no luck. You were alone through it all and did not have the knowledge or experience to succeed. With a personal trainer, you’ll be accountable for your results. A personal trainer will be your coach, cheerleader, and friend throughout your journey. If you’re listening to your trainer, following their guidelines, and committing to the program then you’ll have nothing to fear.


Get Fit With Fremont Training

If you’re ready to overcome your fear of personal trainers and get the body you’ve always wanted then contact Fremont Training today.




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