How Can A Personal Trainer Help

How Can A Personal Trainer Help

If you want a new weight or a new body shape in Fremont, you won’t get it by spending a few days at the gym or by following a week-long diet.  

 If you want to look different, you need to act different, be different   

 You need to change your eating and exercising habits permanently because otherwise you’ll quickly return to the weight your current habits create.  Pulling that off is hard, which is why it can be so helpful to have a personal trainer who can help you focus, stay determined, and support you throughout your transformation. 


Proper exercise demands a commitment of time and effort, and it today’s busy world it can be hard to spare either one.  However, the promises we make ourselves are easier to break than the promises we make to others, plus a personal trainer can work with you to create a schedule that includes regular exercise and training sessions.  Once you have that time and energy to spare, you’ll be able to focus on your exercise routine and give it the attention it needs to create the changes you’re looking for. 


Exercising is hard work.  It’s no coincidence that “working out” means the same thing.  It gets easier as you get used to the training sessions, but when you first start out it’s all too easy to say to yourself, “I’ve had enough!” and quit.  Roughly two-thirds of Americans who give themselves New Year’s resolutions put fitness goals on that list, but of that total only 27 percent reach them.  A personal trainer can give you the determination you need to push through the hard parts and meet that goal despite the odds. 


More than anything else, a personal trainer is there for support.  A personal trainer can: 

Push you to keep going when your energy levels are flagging. 

Remind you with text notifications or emails when your next session is coming up so it won’t slip your mind. 

Find something new for you to do and give you new goals to work towards when you’re too sore to run or you suffer an injury for some reason. 

Certified personal trainers are experts in motivation, the science of fitness, and the nature of nutrition   

They can help you by keeping you going and picking a training routine that gets you the results you’re looking for.  To be honest, just about everything a personal trainer does supports their clients in one way or another. 

Personal training sessions cost more than a gym membership does  

The extra money you spend gives you much better odds of reaching your fitness goals and giving you the chance to set new ones.  That’s why we at Fremont Training offers personal training sessions with the experts we have working at our facility in Fremont.  While your success is ultimately up to you, having a personal trainer working with you and pushing you to reach your goals can be immensely helpful in making sure you actually reach them and don’t end up as just one more failed resolution. 

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